The Star Wars Craft Book

I read this book in book store yesterday.It's an interesting.Nice idea and easy to make Star Wars stuffs.There's Hun Solo action figure in soap, a space Yak doll (sorry for Star Wars fans.IDK what it called.) ,Yoda doll, Hamer head alien Jadi master sock and rage doll, a scary dry Apple head vallian.A jiant four legs walking weapon that adopt to a cool flowerpot--legs made by Pringles'containers with silver tape, chewbacca tissue fur box .(They don't show in book picture.) etc.

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I'm looking for Star Trek easy and fun idea for makeing stuff.:)

British Airways TV ad - Space Man


William Shatner invites you takes yr butts on an air plane seat.:)))
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The launch of Club Europe's more spacious new business class service. With voice over by who else but William Shatner Creative team: Mary Wear / Damon Collins. Director: Paul Weiland. Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi. Year: 1994


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Leonard Nimoy confirmed for 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' -

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Leonard Nimoy confirmed for 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon'
Leonard Nimoy has been confirmed for the voice cast of the forthcoming Transformers 3 film. The Star Trek legend will appear in Michael Bay's third robot blockbuster, which is titled Dark Of The Moon. Nimoy wil provide the voice for Sentinel Prime, ...

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Colt 45 : Night of Decision

My thank to MortClio upload Colt.45 ,Night of Decision episode by my request.

Leonard Nimoy appearance went out so much better than my expected! He pops up at 4.20 [Press 4 button,ladies.This tip I learn today.]Watch by yourself.Now I'm watching part 1 over and over again like crazy.Screencaps will post later.I recommend this video for Nimoy and western series fans.

Off topic.Wayde Preston is so handsome.Is he a prototype of Rattlesnake in Rango? That hat! That mustache! I just watch this movie today.

Colt 45